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Pro Standards Tracking (PST)

Receive complaint, manage case, apply disposition

ProPhoenix Internal Affairs is a full featured solution designed to support the standards held by every law enforcement agency. Using the latest Microsoft Technologies, our state-of-the-art software is easily scalable no matter the size of your agency. It is configured with an independent SQL database with no access outside of authorized users. Built on the same .Net and browser-based technologies as our ProPhoenix suite of products, any authorized user can access this system anytime, anywhere.

Professional Standards Tracking allows users to manage case from beginning to end

  • Receive the initial complaint
  • Manage the case
  • Apply and track the disposition
PST App Screen

Our Professional Standards Tracking Solution provides the ability to track all officer related incidents. Report incident to formal IA investigation, or document incident as matter of record

Powerful Reporting System

  • Effective notification and early warning system
  • Receive notifications from Traffic Stop Profiling data thresholds
  • Robust Geo fencing functions to track officers’ activity geographically

Receive Complaints from Anytime, Anywhere

  • Can be entered from Dispatch
  • Citizens can enter their own complaints using the Citizen Services website

Automated Correspondences and Statistical Reports

  • All standard forms included
  • Complaint information sheet
  • Complaint notification
  • Complaint acknowledgement

Customizable Interface

  • PST specific dashboard
  • All reports fully customizable by user
  • Scalable to any size agency
  • Tasks due visible on investigator’s homepage

Shifting the public safety software paradigm

Our all-inclusive module package and site licensing for RMS, Corrections and mobile clients along with a vigorous new product feature release schedule at NO EXTRA COST allows the highest return on YOUR investment.

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