Phoenix Active Shooter App

Active Shooter App

Due to an increase in domestic terrorism and violence by active shooters, the demands placed on public safety professionals have never been greater. The development team at ProPhoenix has acted swiftly to bring this new technology to the market. The Phoenix Alert App is an all-in-one emergency tool for school administrators, teachers, police officers and the community. Be connected — get alerts and real-time updates in an active shooter situation..

Immediate Police Dispatch

  • Teachers and staff initiate a full lock-down
  • Send an immediate alert notifying police of an active shooter on premises, fight, fire or other emergency
  • Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) and Mobile Officers are notified directly from the App without having to dial 911

Real-Time News Updates

  • Send safety check-ins directly within the app
  • Notify police and staff of active shooter’s exact location
  •  Upload photos and description of the suspect for ID purposes
  • View incident history report
  • Report room status and missing students
  • Know when police are on scene

Resource Guide

  • School floor plan
  • Step-by-step survival guide
  • Quick access to emergency contacts
  •  Evacuation plan

Drill Features

  • Initiate a drill or lock-down to prepare students and staff for an actual emergency

Individual Accounts

  • Each teacher/employee, dispatcher and police officer will set up and have access to their own individual account

Shifting the public safety software paradigm

Our all-inclusive module package and site licensing for RMS, Corrections and mobile clients along with a vigorous new product feature release schedule at NO EXTRA COST allows the highest return on YOUR investment.

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