April 27, 2020


Federal Funding to Help Departments Upgrade their Software System is available

See Below for Details of the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding Grant


As you may know, the Bureau of Justice Assistance (BJA) has established the Coronavirus Emergency Supplemental Funding (CESF) Program to provide funding to assist government agencies such as law enforcement and fire departments in preventing and responding to the Coronavirus in their communities. This grant gives agencies an opportunity to apply for funding to help them upgrade or purchase the tools needed to achieve these results.

Keep in mind that the ProPhoenix suite of products can help your department track confirmed COVID-19 cases and prevent the spread of this disease throughout the community.  With grant money currently available to agencies seeking to upgrade their systems to better respond to Covid-19, now may be the perfect time to upgrade your CAD, mobile and/or RMS systems.

Through Phoenix CAD, departments can easily create name and address flags to denote critical or non-critical Covid-19 cases, and flag physical addresses with known cases.  In addition, Geo-fencing can be created with a ‘Loud’ alert notifying responders of hot areas.  A CAD event can be attached to all calls related to Covid-19, which should be mentioned while applying for the grant.

Our CAD system also has the ability to monitor IP cameras, including those that are privately owned, with proper permissions.  Departments can monitor these cameras, and notifications sent through to WDA can be given to instruct officers to disband any crowds. 

The Records Management system is also a powerful tool in tracking and providing information to responding to Coronavirus cases.  With RMS, agencies can use NFIRS and ePCR data to track the number of calls related to Covid-19.  This data can also be plotted on a map to identify hot spots. 

Any new regulations passed related to Covid-19 can be managed through a CFS code, and departments can even track the medical progress of officers suspected or have tested positive of the Coronavirus.

In addition to the software programs, Phoenix also offers departments a personalized web portal through our Citizen Services Program.  With the Citizen Services Program, residents and businesses can set up their own ‘house checks’ to alert officers to keep an eye on any closed businesses.  Through the portal, departments can map any virus hot spots and broadcast to the public, and create a personalized newsletter to keep the community informed of any important information.

One of the biggest tools of the Citizen Services Program is the ability to allow the public to report minor crimes and obtain reports entirely online.  This eliminates a touch point and creates a safer environment for both public safety officials and the community.

You can apply for the grant by May 29thClick here for details on how to apply.

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