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EMS Records with ePCR

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EMS Records with ePCR

For browser-based clients and mobile devices

Our Phoenix EMS browser-based solution provides you with the most advanced electronic Patient Care Reporting (ePCR) features available on the market today. We have it all with call details, basic patient info, history and assessment to interventions, document and photo attachment, and transport and billing. Using the most up-to-date technology, our ePCR nearly fills itself out, giving the EMS professional a break from the mounds of paperwork previously associated with patient care and transportation. Submission may be manual or configured to run automatically by the system.

Submit ePCR records to the states by the NEMSIS V3.4.0 protocol.

Standardized reporting provides the framework for more efficient EMS data collecting and reporting to improve patient care.

Autofill data for repeat patients

Enter data more effectively and efficiently. Autofill data for repeat saves time to help save lives.

Up to date data when you need it most

Fully integrated with CAD, Mobile and Fire or Police RMS systems, including advanced record keeping, provides you with important info when you need it. Mobile App available for real time usage in the field.

Compatible with 3rd Party billing options

Records may also be automatically copied to an external billing agency in PDF report format.

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We provide HIPAA and PHI compliant ePCR. These reporting features can be integrated with our CAD and Mobile software through our RMS.

With the Phoenix EMS Products, your personnel will have access to:

  • Basic patient information and history for recurring patients
  • Batch PCR reporting feature
  • User-defined local treatment protocols for easily documenting interventions via built-in tabs and buttons
  • eSignature component for Consent to Treat, AMA and Billing
  • Google/GPS mapping and mileage tracking (Using CAD or WDA component)
  • Electronic tracking of MCI/Triage Tags to maintain patient accountability
  • Insurance and other 3rd-party billing compatibility via interface
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