March 5, 2020


Why Choose ProPhoenix?


Our customers are our most important asset.   As a ProPhoenix software user, our relationship does not end with your purchase. 

We are available 24/7 to handle any issues that you may have. 

In addition, we listen to our customers, and are always attentive to their input.  It is our customers in the field, using the software, that know best what public safety departments want in their software.


However, don’t take it from us, read below to see what agencies say about why they choose ProPhoenix.


It’s a partnership: 

“Help has been responsive, supportive, consistently helpful and professional.  I am hoping this will be a very long partnership.” 

Couldn’t have asked for better cooperation or partnership with the corporation. They are always interested in our input in new designs and how to improve their product.”


It’s the support:

“It’s the support and the contact that we have established that have made ProPhoenix what they are all about” 

“Their tech support is by far the best of anything I’ve ever called for personal or public use”


It’s the technology: 

“The systems search function operates in the natural way that a user would expect; its rather intuitive that way” 

“The interface allows our officers and administrators to navigate through a complex booking, and the system will not accept booking until it is complete” 

“The records management aspect gives our agency the ability to identify trends with all of the needed statistical data right at our fingertips”