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Law Records Management Software

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Law Records Management Software (RMS)

100% browser based client site license, UCR & NIBRS

Our all-inclusive site licensing philosophy provides all the core modules for an unlimited number of users. You choose what modules you will use and how through customizable role-based permissions. Engineered with a new level of integration not seen before, using browser-based technology your RMS is accessible from anywhere, anytime. With a single point of entry, your officers and department personnel will not waste time entering the same information over and over; enter the information once and it automatically filters to multiple points throughout the software. ProPhoenix’s Law RMS is designed to allow your agency to go virtually paperless.

Clean, Powerful User Interface

  • 100% Browser based client with no local software
  • Native .Net Framework

Powerful Business Intelligence Engine

  • PowerBI
  • Map Based Crime Analysis
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Custom Dashboards based on job function

Master Name Management

  • Integrated Mugshot and Photo Line-up functions
  • Social Media Tracking (FBI 28 CFR Compliance)
  • Name Mining and Mapping
  • Integration with Live Scan devices
  • Automatic Text Notification for Name contact
  • Gang Affiliations
  • Gun Permits
  • Name Alerts
  • Jail Cell Check

Scheduling and Personnel Management

  • Time Off Management
  • Roster Management
  • Injury Reports and Medical History
  • Performance Evaluations
  • Work Record

Comprehensive Reporting

  • Analysis Reports of Response Times
  • Automatic BOLO and CompStat reporting
  • Profiling statistics (if needed)
  • Simultaneous NBIRS and UCR reporting
  • Field Interview Search, Entry, and reporting
  • Canned and Customizable reports
  • Crystal Reports and SSRS reporting

Animal Control

  • Case Tracking
  • Medical Tracking
  • Animal Registration, Fee Tracking

Case Management

  • Manage Case Load of Investigators
  • Send electronic DA package
  • Track History of Efforts

Document Management and Accreditation

  • Create and maintain Policies, Directives, SOP
  • Send for review, approve, then assign to personnel
  • Track assignment and “read history”

Training and Certification

  • Certification and CEU Tracking
  • Class and Course Tracking
  • Attach Certificates

Property and Evidence

  • Property/Evidence Management with barcodes
  • Track Chain of Custody
  • Pawn
  • Bicycle Registration

Alarm Billing and Accounting

  • Alarm Registrations, Year End Reports
  • False Alarm tracking and billing
  • Track Fees and Invoices
  • Receive Payments


  • Schedule and Record all agency agendas, scheduling calendars
  • Activity Logging for non-incident related responsibilities


  • Address Management
  • Mapping
  • Address Flags and Hazards

Inventory and Fleet Management

  • Asset and Expandable Tracking
  • Create Triggers for Fleet Managers and Low Inventory of Expendables


  • Tracks Training and Special Functions
  • K9 Incident reporting
  • Medical Tracking


  • Integrated eTicketing
  • Crash Reporting
  • Parking Permits


  • Tow Record Keeping
  • Tow Rotation Management

Video Interview

  • Automated Video Encoding
  • Create Bookmarks while recording
  • Attaches to Cases automatically


  • Manage Local Wants and Warrants
  • Restraining/Protective Orders

Civil Process

  • Record and track civil papers, prepayments, service, service attempts, executions, attachments, sale of property and postings
  • Record payments and issue statements/invoices 
  • Return affidavits for service, non-service, and postings, or other forms are supported

KGIS – Key Global Information Sharing

ProPhoenix Key Global Information Sharing (KGIS™) allows all ProPhoenix law enforcement user agencies to share name, incident reports, and vehicle data amongst themselves via a secured internet connection. This is accomplished by encrypted data transfers and without replicating or saving any data to a central server location.

Secure and Powerful

  • Encrypted and secure; no data is replicated
  • Conforms to Global Justice XML standard
  • National Information Exchange Model (NIEM) compliant

Real-time Data Sharing

  • Query all ProPhoenix user agencies simultaneously
  • Agency defines what they would like to share
  • Search on desktop or mobile device (ProPhoenix WDA)

Enhanced Officer Safety Information

  • Name details including photos, incident activity, and available reports
  • Vehicle details
  • Local Wants and Warrants
  • Police contact even not involving an arrest may be critical to your local investigation

Shifting the public safety software paradigm

Our all-inclusive module package and site licensing for RMS, Corrections and mobile clients along with a vigorous new product feature release schedule at NO EXTRA COST allows the highest return on YOUR investment.

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