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Phoenix Fire RMS

Fire Records Management System

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Fire Records Management System (RMS)

Cloud Ready NFIRS, Inspections, and Training

Whether you operate a single Fire/EMS agency or manage multiple jurisdictions, ProPhoenix can be scaled to fit your agency’s needs now and in the future. Developed on the philosophy of the Tetrahedron, our Fire RMS far exceeds the competition in technology. Additionally, our single
point of data entry provides ease of reporting with the integration of inspection information and NFIRS reports.

Clean, Powerful User Interface

  • 100% browser based client with no local software
  • State-of-the-art technology and comprehensive functionality
  • Agency installed, hosted, and SaaS solutions available

Easy to Learn and Use

  • Intuitive navigation and built-in workflows
  • Embedded video help, help text, and online training materials
  • No duplicate data entry; enter once, available everywhere
  • Google Maps & HERE Maps interface

Inspection Management

  • Mobile inspections available on iPad, Android,
    and Windows tablets
  • Maintain and update complete building registrations with
    Pre-Plan documents, photos, HazMat location, and contacts
  • Schedule inspections, re-inspections, and fire
    prevention activities
  • Create customized Inspection Checklists
  • Integrated ICC and NFPA code sets
  • Prepare violation reports referencing relevant
  • Permit and permit inspections
  • Integrated accounting module

Hydrant Management

  • Plot hydrant locations on the map
  • GPM flow calculations
  • NFPA color coded icons
  • Hydrant inspections and activity log

Scheduling Management

  • Specify minimum unit staffing requirements
  • Time tracking user defined categories,
    such as overtime, vacation time, etc.
  • Drag and Drop daily roster
  • Trades and swaps
  • System generated accrual for groups of personnel

Maintain Accounting and Billing

  • Generate invoices/billing
  • Penalty and violation fee tracking
  • Create permit fee schedules and calculate fees due
  • Payment ledgers
  • Fee projection reporting

Robust Reporting

  • Electronic submission of NFIRS and EMS reporting
  • Fire Investigator (NFPA 921 based) reporting is included
  • LOSAP and Percentage reporting for volunteer personnel
  • Business Intelligence dashboards
  • Activity logging for non-incident related responsibilities

Fleet and Inventory Management

  • Track inventory with barcoding
  • Set maintenance scheduling requirements
  • Automatically schedule required service and inspections
  • Set reorder thresholds for supply items


Mobile Inspections is designed to increase the productivity of inspectors in the field while maximizing agency revenue. Produce inspection results, including violations, and update the Inspection and Permits modules immediately, and on demand. Unscheduled inspections don’t present a problem with ProPhoenix Mobile Inspections; the inspector downloads or adds the property record in the field without having to return to the station.

Signed inspection reports are immediately available to business owners and other customers. This results in increased productivity, more timely and accurate inspection reporting, and better service to your customer.

Hydrant inspections can also be completed with Mobile Inspections. With all assigned pending inspections shown on a map, each inspector can quickly and easily plan a daily schedule and configure a route that minimizes driving time and fuel cost, and maximizes efficiency.

With Mobile Inspections, your inspectors can:

  • Use the tablet touchscreen to select an assigned building
    or hydrant inspection from a list of inspections due using the
    map to choose the best route.
  • View the complete premise registration record and make
    any necessary updates.
  • Select the appropriate inspection type(s)
    (including re-inspection) from a dropdown list.
  • Streamline re-inspection activity: All current violations
    for a location are automatically displayed and can be
    marked as abated or updated for re-inspection.
  • Easily record multiple violations of the same type
    without duplicate reentry of the code.
  • Touch a single onscreen button to record
    a “No Violations Found” inspection.
  • Record penalty amounts at the time of the inspection
    based on codes and standards you currently use.
  • Add remarks to the record at any time using the tablet’s
    onscreen keypad (or Bluetooth keyboard), with the option
    to include or omit the remarks on the violation notice.
  • Capture the signature of the owner/representative directly
    on the tablet (the inspector’s signature is already stored).
  • Email the signed report or print on-site to a Bluetooth printer.

Shifting the public safety software paradigm

Our all-inclusive module package and site licensing for RMS, Corrections and mobile clients along with a vigorous new product feature release schedule at NO EXTRA COST allows the highest return on YOUR investment.

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