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Corrections Management Software

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Corrections Management Software

100% browser based client All inclusive site license

The ProPhoenix Corrections Management System™ (CMS) provides a complete solution for all your facility and inmate management needs. Whether you need a stand-alone product for single or multiple buildings, integrated with ProPhoenix RMS or connecting multiple facility agencies, ProPhoenix CMS is scalable and configurable to match your project goals.

Clean, Powerful User Interface

  • 100% Browser based client with no local software
  • Native .Net Framework

Inmate Tracking

  • Full Booking and Release management
  • Photographic and biometric verifications
  • Disciplinary Actions and Grievances
  • Tracking all inmate on-site and off-site movements/activities
  • Inmate property tracking
  • Adult and/or juvenile population management

Robust Notification Functionality

  • Automatic alerts for no-contact associations/inmates due for release
  • Interactive public inmate location website

Full Work Release Tracking

  • Huber/Worker Management
  • Schedule events and appointments

Inmate Visitation

  • Visitor registration
  • Supports audio/video visitation

Complete Housing, Classification, and Facility Management

  • Customizable classifications, questionnaires, and facility documents
  • Personnel Tracking and Training
  • Property management along with facility inventory
  • Customizable and canned reports
  • Capture electronic signature for paperless files

Shifting the public safety software paradigm

Our all-inclusive module package and site licensing for RMS, Corrections and mobile clients along with a vigorous new product feature release schedule at NO EXTRA COST allows the highest return on YOUR investment.

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