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ProPhoenix Public Safety Software Resource Center provides solutions to your funding needs.  It allows you to be informed about funding that will give you the opportunity to purchase our technology for your public safety agency.  This funding can help you with purchasing state-of-the-art technology, instead of dealing with an out-of-date system, thus preparing for you the future and saving more lives in you r community.

The Department of Justice grants such as the Byrne Memorial Justice Assistance Grant Program (JAG) and DHS grants including the State Homeland Security Grant Program provide funding to agencies across the country that act quickly to meet an extensive list of criteria.  Public Safety agencies can improve their odds of receiving these important grants by taking the correct actions, including:

  • Keep exceptional relationships with their State Administrative Agency to be aware of the most up to date information opportunities available.      
  • Act swiftly to acquire these often highly competitive grants.
  • Need to demonstrate fiscal responsibility with effective and efficient use of the grant funding.


Helpful Websites for Information:

  • Homeland 1 -provides a extensive database of grants, news, information and resources to help Homeland Security Professionals gather and obtain grant funding for their agencies.)
  • Office of Justice Programs (OJP) -OJP partners with many law-enforcement agencies at the state and local levels to combat crime and promote safer neighborhoods . Through grant programs, training, and technical assistance, OJP works with states, communities, and tribes to ensure they have the resources necessary to provide effective law enforcement and safety to their citizens.
  • Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance-provides listings on federal grant programs that are available from many government agencies.
  • -source to seek out and apply for funding provided by the federal government.
  • Foundation Center-leading website of philanthropy with its connections to nonprofit organizations and their supporting grant creators
  • .
  • ATTENTION WISCONSIN CUSTOMERS--New Round of WIJIS Grant Opportunities