Thankful for 2019 and Excited About the Future:
Big Year Ahead for ProPhoenix


We would like to start the new decade by first of all wishing a Happy New Year to all of our ProPhoenix user agencies.
Public safety is a challenging career, and we would like to thank every public safety official for their hard work and
dedication. The first thought for anyone when thinking of our public safety officers is never going to be software, and
it shouldn’t be. Think of software as the support personnel. We often only hear of support personnel when something
goes wrong, but without the support, the unit can’t fully function.
Our goal within the public safety field is to provide that support. We don’t want an officer in the field struggling to
serve because their software doesn’t provide all necessary information at the exact moment when it is needed. Officers
should not be required to be software engineers when entering a ticket, or reporting an incident on-scene. Just as
important as the moment when a public safety official is responding to an incident is the time spent on the back end. No
one wants officials spending their time writing reports, or worse yet, re-entering information. Every moment spent at
the station is a moment that valuable resources are not where they should be; on the street, keeping us safe.
Technology is always changing and the changes are coming quicker than ever. Mobile technology is not the future; mobile
technology is the here and now. Our software is both on-site and browser based, taking advantage of current cloud
technology. We offer a lineup of standalone and complimentary mobile apps to take all of the features of our software
on the go.
We hope you are as excited for 2020 as we are. In this edition of ProPhoenix Spotlight, we want to give our users a
breakdown of 2019 and how ProPhoenix is working towards better serving our customers through updated technology,
better software and better customer service. From all of us here at ProPhoenix, we wish everyone a safe 2020.