We at ProPhoenix are continually looking to evolve our software to meet the demands of a fast paced and quickly changing
industry. 2019 was a very busy year for ProPhoenix; many features were added and improved to existing software,
and we introduced several new apps and interfaces to meet the demands of a mobile world. Please keep in mind that
the following is only a quick list of new software interfaces and apps. A full list of new and improved features on all
ProPhoenix software solutions can be found in CRM.
• CAD Text2Dispatch SMS processing
Phoenix Text2Dispatch allows a mobile carrier to send text messages, videos, and audio
to Dispatch. The message is automatically linked to the call, and a notification is sent to
the dispatcher and the mobile officer to view the data.
• RapidSOS integration (Standard and Enhanced)
RapidSOS can be integrated with Phoenix CAD to provide the exact location of the device
making the 911 call, and share multimedia, health profile, and real-time incident data from
connected devices directly to dispatchers and first responders.
• ESRI integration in CAD, WDA & RMS (In addition to Google, HERE and Open Streets maps)
The ESRI web map is now available with CAD and WDA, similar to Google and HERE
maps. CAD can absorb the ESRI local server map for the agency and will automatically
use the ESRI web to cover areas outside the local map support.
Additionally, map layers created in ESRI can be absorbed directly from ESRI without having to import to Phoenix.
In addition, the following features have been implemented in Police and Fire RMS maps with ESRI support: Map layers,
AVL Replay, and GIS Analysis.

Phoenix Alert - Active Shooter App
The Phoenix Alert App is an all-in-one emergency tool for school administrations,
teachers, police officers and the community. Become alert, connected, and updated in the event of an active shooter.
• WDA App 4.0
WDA App 4.0 has been redesigned with new user interface with support for dynamic
If you have any questions on any of the software and apps available through ProPhoenix, feel free to contact sales at