Microsoft Announces End of Life for Windows 7 Operating System,
Windows Server 2008, 2008R2 and SQL Server 2008


What does that mean for your ProPhoenix software?


As some departments may be using one of the recently discontinued systems, we are extending this information as a
friendly alert, and to explain how this will affect your ProPhoenix software. Windows has just recently announced end of
life for Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, 2008R2, and SQL Server 2008.
End of life for these systems means that Microsoft will no longer provide software or security updates or fixes, and no
technical support will be available for these products moving forward. Please visit the Microsoft website for more information
on Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 end of life.
Microsoft recommends updating your operating system from Windows 7 to the current Windows 10. Windows 10 is
available for purchase through the Microsoft website, but we advise shopping around to find the best price. In addition,
Windows 2008 server users are advised to update to the following server systems:
Supported Windows and SQL Servers
1) Windows Server 2016
2) Windows Server 2019
3) SQL Server 2012
4) SQL Server 2014
5) SQL Server 2016
6) SQL Server 2017
As Microsoft notes, please keep in mind that Windows 10 is a more hardware intensive operating system, and unfortunately,
users may have to upgrade their current PC to properly run Windows 10.
The good news is that upgrading your operating system on your current PC to Windows 10 will not present a problem
for ProPhoenix software.
Our software is best run on the latest version of Windows. The upgrade to a new version of Windows on your current
PC will be a seamless transition for ProPhoenix software. Because of this, we also recommend upgrading your operating
system to the current Windows 10. The same holds true for migration to a newer Windows and SQL server from the
Windows 2008 server.
For users who plan to purchase new hardware: Depending on your ProPhoenix software system setup, if you are also
choosing to purchase new PC(s), or upgrade your hardware configuration, along with the Windows 10 or server upgrade,
we recommend contacting us to ensure a seamless transition with your ProPhoenix software. This will mainly affect users
who have chosen an on-site installation of the ProPhoenix software, but we ask any user with any questions to please
contact us before upgrading.
Any questions that you may have regarding your ProPhoenix software and the transition to a newer version of Windows,
feel free to reach out to us at