One of the most important roles in an organization, yet often one of the most
thankless, is the role of the sales team. The tireless work of getting word out
to agencies around the nation about our software, and the support role after
the sale is made, creates many long work days for our salespeople.
To honor this important role, each year we recognize the salesperson who
went above and beyond the normal job duties with our Salesperson of the
Year award. We would like to congratulate Fred Jenkins on his 2019 Salesperson
of the Year Award.
Fred Jenkins is our Regional Business Representative based in Florida. He has
vast experience in Public safety software and radio communication systems,
and has served on the IJIS Institute Membership Committee. Prior to coming
to the Public Safety software industry, Mr. Jenkins was a third generation
Law Enforcement Officer in Florida. He holds a Bachelor’s degree from the
University of South Florida and an Associate degree from Saint Petersburg
We congratulate Fred Jenkins on his 2019 Salesperson of the year award, and we look forward for many more in the
years to come.