ProPhoenix Police WDA Image

Phoenix Police WDA™
Wireless Digital Assistant / Mobile PC

Phoenix Wireless Digital Assistant™ (WDA) Mobile PC is a fully integrated Windows-based product designed for today’s law enforcement professionals. Phoenix WDA™ is a robust application providing all available system and KGIS information to the officers on the street. If information truly is power, Phoenix WDA™ is the most powerful mobile application available today.

  • Greatly enhances officer safety by providing officers unprecedented mobile options
  • Integrated AVL, mapping and automatic routing information
  • Capture and save photos from the street
  • Direct call creation for traffic stops and officer initiated activity
  • Integrated messaging capabilities. Mobile to mobile, mobile to dispatch or mobile to terminal
  • Phoenix WDA™ provides complete premise history, name history, and address flag information
  • Integrated field reporting allows report entry directly into Phoenix RMS™ from the mobile PC
  • One-of-a-kind integrated in-car digital video allows your officers to view live streaming video from other squads or fixed camera positions