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Phoenix Citizen Services Program™
Putting the public in public safety

 Phoenix Citizen Services Program™ (PCSP) is available to provide citizens with the ability to share personalized information with their public safety providers. Public or private IP-based camera video streams in Phoenix CAD™, allowing first responders a glimpse into the business, school or premise while responding to the call for service. PCSP also provides an opportunity for residents to enter medical and/or emergency information that can be viewed by your personnel while en route to the call.

Phoenix Citizen Services Program™ takes your partnership with the community to the next level.

  • Powerful advancement in community service
  • Life-saving access to emergency medical information for first responders
  • Allows your business community the opportunity to create and update their own business contact templates. Self entry saves hundreds of hours of agency time and eliminates cumbersome index cards
  • Participants can update their premise, personal contact, medical and key holder information ensuring accurate records
  • Integrates IP-based camera feeds into Phoenix CAD
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