March 18, 2020


Public Safety Departments Increasing Online Services in this Coronavirus Emergency


As the coronavirus spreads and experts stress the importance of social distancing, public safety departments have to identify ways to distance officials from the public while still serving the public.   This is obviously a very challenging time for public safety officials, and even though it may be impossible to alleviate all of the risks, it is possible to minimize them. 

CNN recently ran an article on how police departments around the nation are changing the ways they respond to calls to reduce exposure of officers to the public.  Please click here for full article.


One method in use that departments are limiting officer’s exposure to the public is by responding to emergency calls only.  We rely on public safety officials so much in society that we sometimes forget that the officers can’t be in two places at once.   Responding only to emergency calls ensures that a department’s resources are being allocated to the most serious needs.   In addition, it’s just another way to limit an officer’s contact with the public in this time of heightened risk.  Officers are needed more than ever in this time, but to free up their time to respond to more serious calls, and limiting contact to only when it’s needed is a way to help keep both the public and the officer safer. 

Instead of calling the police and having them to respond to non-emergency situations, many departments, such as Arlington County, VA, mentioned in the article, are encouraging their residents to use the online portal to report non-emergency incidents.  Incidents such as credit card fraud, theft reports, harassing phone calls, vandalism and vehicle tampering can be all be reported through the online portal. 

For Prophoenix users and potential users, this is not a problem.   Our Citizen Services module for police, fire and medical emergency departments have been helping departments effectively manage these situations for years.   Departments can have us set up their online portals and websites, and begin to manage reports such as credit card fraud, theft reports and any of the above mentioned all as a part of Phoenix Citizen Services.  Residents can be encouraged to visit your website to file reports on any variety of incidents that your department chooses, freeing your valuable force of officers to respond to the more immediate emergencies. 

 A Citizen Services website is not only a great way to allow residents to communicate with the department, but also a great way to communicate back to them.  In this heightened time, give real time alerts to your residents on anything from safety precautions to important closings.  

In times of emergency, sometimes it feels like it will never end.   However, emergencies run their course, and eventually lives will go back to normal routines.   We encourage departments to not only utilize their Citizen Services websites in times of emergency, but use it as a permanent component of your department.  Why not free up important resources and improve communication as part of your ongoing operations plan?



At this time, we are offering our Fire and Police Citizen Services Program free of charge to all current Prophoenix users for the first 3 months of use.  

 This offer will be extended for one month until April 18th to allow our users this valuable resource in this time when it is needed most.  All users who sign up by April 18th will get the first 3 months for free.   After your initial 3 months, you may cancel the program at absolutely no charge.   The entire program will be free.   If you wish to keep the program, regular charges will start after the 3-month trial period.


If you have any questions on the Citizen Services Program or the 3 month offer, feel free to contact us at for details.