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West Bend, Wisconsin is located in the heart of the Kettle Moraine, a rolling landscape carved by glaciers approximately 30 miles north of Milwaukee in southeastern Wisconsin. Nestled nearly in the center of Washington County, it is their largest city boasting small town living close to numerous lakes, home of many outdoor activities and yet, close to the fast pace of the metro Milwaukee area.

The West Bend Police Department began implementation of Phoenix software in 2008 and went Live with CAD and RMS on January 1, 2009. They have added a host of Wisconsin-based interfaces such as: TraCS, WIJIS, eReferral, WIBRS and WI Warrant Inter-face to complete their robust system. The West Bend Police Department has been progressive and instrumental in assisting ProPhoenix qualify the 2016 upgrade for general release by migrating in January in their Live environment. Kurt Lulich, IT Manager for the City of West Bend Police Department and ProPhoenix System Administrator recently characterized the transition as quite smooth and was impressed that CAD was fully operational within one hour. He stated that the West Bend users are quite happy with the faster response speeds and reduction in down time since using Google Chrome as their internet browser versus issues they were having with Internet Explorer. He cautioned however that they still need IE in order to utilize features that require Silver-light such as BI and bulk uploads of attachments. Overall, West Bend users are pleased with their working relation-ship with ProPhoenix since moving from an old AS400 software. The most attractive feature of Phoenix for them was the field report writing which they didn’t have before, as well as having all data linked through an incident case file.

The West Bend Fire Department went Live with Fire RMS and Fire WDA in 2015. There have been a few growing pains that are expected with a very aggressive implementation timeline. But, the Fire Department end users are getting more comfortable with the system and all the changes it brings to their recordkeeping abilities.

Dispatchers are happy the Fire Department has been using the Fire WDA for a couple of reasons. Now, both the Police and Fire departments have their own incident times available at their fingertips and the messaging capabilities save a lot of time and effort.

Overall, West Bend is happy with the Phoenix suite of products and Kurt is especially appreciative of how it has changed his job. He shared the following, “no matter what new Wisconsin technology is available, such as TraCS, Phoenix is willing to work with customers to implement those interfaces to make our jobs easier”. ProPhoenix was a welcome change after their previous vendor did not or could not keep up with technology changes and the needs of law enforcement agencies.

ProPhoenix salutes West Bend Police Department and West Bend Fire Department for helping our company grow and serve our customers well.

West Bend - it's where you want to be!