ProPhoenix and Wauwatosa Police Celebrate a 10 Year Milestone

From left to right, Michelle Dahlen-IT System Administrator, Captain Chris Fox, Police Chief Barry Weber, Jeff Reit-Vice President, ProPhoenix

The Wauwatosa Police Department and ProPhoenix have been partners for ten years. The software was developed and tested at our department. It was and continues to be the most modern technology for public safety. The capabilities offer so much more than other companies and the value for the dollars being spent equates to increased efficiencies. As one example, we were able to reduce the amount of clerical people because the ProPhoenix system makes the work much easier and less time consuming.

Public safety officers do not readily embrace change. However, when they saw all of the possibilities and the data that could be extracted and utilized, there was almost immediate buy-in. Sure there are frustrations with any change. Our people found that it is worth the time it took to implement everything in order to be able to run reports, analyze data and operate in a more efficient and informed manner. Public safety is a tough job on its own. We don’t need to fight with our computers!

We truly value the partnership with ProPhoenix and knowing that they are always striving to develop and provide more information to our organization allows us to do our jobs better. There are many different companies that claim to offer the best software and information. At ProPhoenix that is not a casual state-ment. They actually work to make sure that public safety is provided with the best.

We hope to continue to work with ProPhoenix in the years ahead and continue to work to provide the best data solutions for our police department and community.

Thank you Wauwatosa Police Department and Congratulations!