Spotlight Customer – Tiffin PD, OH

Meet Chief Fredrick W . Stevens and the Tiffin Ohio Police Department. Tiffin PD has been a ProPhoenix satisfied customer since 2007 when an immediate need to replace their previous software triggered a commend-able effort to implement Phoenix in just a couple weeks. Chief Stevens is pleased to announce that their move in 2012 to a multi-juris installation has now included every law enforcement agency in Seneca County due to the 2015 addition of the Fostoria Police Department. Within the last few weeks, he was notified the Mercy Hospital security force will be replaced with a sworn police staff and Chief Stevens is eager to welcome the newly formed department to Phoenix and Tiffin Multi-Juris as the first User agency in this capacity.

Tiffin Police and all the associated agencies are particularly pleased with the increased efficiencies and time saving that comes with a database where all the Names, Vehicles and Case reports are located in one place for inquiry.

Chief Stevens related an incident that occurred shortly after changing to multi-juris. One evening there was a pursuit and he happened to be in the building to observe the one dis-patcher at Tiffin handle all the incident details and location changes that normally occur dur-ing a high speed pursuit. Due to the Seneca County Sheriff’s Department and other sur-rounding police departments being on the same system, although dispatched by their own centers, and all agencies utilizing the mapping on WDA, each location change did not have to be relayed through telephone or radio contact between the PSAPs because all Users could watch the updated unit locations on the map in real time. They were able to accurately antic-ipate the direction of travel and deploy stop strips early in the incident. The entire incident was handled smoothly and proved to Chief Stevens “that multi-juris was the way to go”! The advantages since that first week are too numerous to mention but their experiences have re-mained the same throughout the 8 years since Go Live.

Chief Stevens states “the ease of the initial transition from old software to newer, ease of dai-ly use and the fact that our whole 552 square mile county is using and sharing information via ProPhoenix is a great boon to all agencies in keeping our different communities safe.”