In late October we were notified by the New Jersey State Department of Transportation that they would be changing the NJTR1 crash report. With only eight weeks to redesign our software’s user interface to allow for the change, create the new form, and test the application, our team needed to get to work to get this completed. If this deadline was not met, all of our NJ customers would have to use a paper form for accidents, rendering this module useless. For many software companies this might have been a nearly impossible to accomplish. ProPhoenix is happy to report that our development team stepped up and met this goal. Available in our latest version, Phoenix 2016 R2, agencies will be able to adapt and continue with the latest state form.

Sgt. Chris Fulcher, from Vineland Police Department in NJ, was quoted in saying, "On behalf of myself, and my department, I want to thank you for all of the work that went into this.  You, and your staff, should be very proud of the amount of work you were able to accomplish in a very short period of time.  This is one of the many reasons I know we have the right partner for our needs."

It is important to note the significance of this news. ProPhoenix has from its inception prided itself on remaining flexible and innovative with its public safety software. From day one, our software has been designed with the latest technologies, which allows us to easily innovate to the latest devices and technology. We are willing to work hard for our customers to meet and exceed their needs.