Spotlight Customer – Gloucester County, NJ

Being the largest ProPhoenix multi-juris customer, most of you have heard of Gloucester County at one time or an-other but few Users are familiar with the complexities or scope of services that are included in this multi-agency, multi-jurisdiction, multi-County installation located in southwestern New Jersey.

At the heart of the project is a team of six that handle all the help desk support for two Dispatch Centers; the prima-ry in Clayton, NJ and the redundant PSAP in Clarksborough, NJ joined together by microwave network. There are 27 police agencies, 55 fire & EMS stations and County Public Works in Gloucester County as well as 1 police and 15 Fire & EMS stations in Atlantic County.

Gloucester County Emergency Services has 24 police CAD stations and 12 fire CAD terminals at each of its facilities with an additional two CAD stations at Rowan University. There are 493 WDA terminals and 1,317 total sworn and civilian Users on the system. Answering just over ¾ of a million calls in 2014, to say this is a busy center is an under-statement!

Of particular concern in the past were large incidents and events. The number of resources needed slowed the sys-tem and frustrated the Users. In September, 2015, during Pope Francis’ visit to neighboring Philadelphia, the new server configurations and system updates proved to have fixed the problem with no reports of slowness or hang ups even with the great number of resources being used.

Fire agency users appreciate the rip and run reports that are emailed to many pagers and cell phones that assist with their response preparation. Recently, the NJ State Police were on-site to witness the system functionality and participate in extensive pre-planning for active shooter scenarios with mapping SOPs and floor plans that are now available on-scene for all resources responding to an incident. Computer Systems Coordinator, Steven Bruynell de-scribed the capability as an “incredible benefit”. He went further to say that Gloucester agencies are appreciative of the “powerfulness” of the system and the availability of features and integrations they have never had access to in the past.