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Executive Summary

ProPhoenix has a singular vision: "Our goal is to shift the paradigm of the public safety industry by creating and delivering leading application software through the use of state of the art technology and techniques. We are achieving this goal by providing competitively priced solutions, employing best practices and lessons learned, and most of all by listening to the needs and ideas of our clients in the evolution of the Phoenix software."

ProPhoenix Corporation is a public safety and security software company, created in 2004, with headquarters in Moorestown (Burlington County), New Jersey. For the 18 months following its inception, ProPhoenix had the opportunity to literally re-invent the way Public Safety Software was designed, delivered, and maintained by utilizing the latest technologies available. By developing software from a “clean slate’, ProPhoenix could implement lessons learned over the past 20 years, as well as best practices, to achieve the industry’s leading application.

  • ProPhoenix was formed with a team of experts, consisting of IT industry professionals and former Public Safety practitioners and Subject Matter Experts (SMEs)
  • ProPhoenix is recognized as a dominant vendor in providing high end enterprise level critical solutions to public safety agencies
  • ProPhoenix considers customers as the most valuable asset; demonstrates loyalty and respect on every encounter
  • ProPhoenix continuously improves employee quality of life, employees are proud to be a part of them
  • ProPhoenix is managed with integrity; fiscally responsible and profitable
  • ProPhoenix contributes to society by providing innovative solutions that save lives and provide security for citizens

Our main focus is to achieve a level of public safety industry leadership by providing solutions with state-of-the-art, cost-effective technologies and develop public safety software utilizing the latest technologies centered on the Microsoft .NET architecture. Phoenix software was designed and architected from the ground up with multi-jurisdictional requirements in mind. A core belief of our company is that information sharing is the key to safe and effective law enforcement. Another key design point for Phoenix was to achieve an integrated single point of entry system throughout all of our products. With the budget climate, public safety agencies are being required to do more with less. Phoenix was designed to meet this need and continually strives to improve the efficiencies of our customers. We eliminate countless hours of officer down-time by allowing complete RMS access to the patrol units. Officers can write reports, import and access photos, correct and approve reports, access mug shot and demographic information, map incident and crime trends, print, serve and record civil process service, and many other functions that normally require personnel to be in the station and off of the road. Keeping officers on the road is important but so is the efficiency of the large support staffs required to run modern public safety agencies. Our innovative interface designs will save hundreds of hours of clerical data entry time.

As a Microsoft Gold Partner, ProPhoenix offers the most up-to-date use of new technologies. Phoenix Law and Fire RMS software is a true browser based RMS and is immediately available to all authorized users throughout your agency upon installation on the server. This means any authorized PC has immediate access by utilizing the Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE) software. This unique feature eliminates the countless hours of IT time normally spent on installation of client software. When a Phoenix update is loaded onto the server, it is immediately available to all authorized users without the need to update scores of client PCs. This same browser based technology allows your staff access to your RMS information anywhere in the world where internet or wireless broadband access is available. This feature allows your staff to stay in contact while away at conferences or training; it also offers your detectives RMS access to information while at another agency or location.

Phoenix was designed to allow an agency to go virtually ‘paperless’. We allow most common types of file formats to be attached to a case, and create all of our incident reports in .pdf file format. All reports can easily be emailed to requesting agencies or in response to open records requests from others. Warrants, restraining orders, witness statements, criminal complaints, crime scene photos, digital recordings, and video files can all be attached to a case.

Also eliminated is the time and space needed to file citations, incident reports, and most other routine documents. Phoenix makes it possible to follow an entire case and all of its components in our case detail tabs. For major cases, an agency can attach the initial 911 phone call, the radio broadcasts (if phone and radio transmissions are digitally recorded) any crime or accident photos, the written reports, name and property records complete with photos, witness statements, and the criminal complaint. This ability saves countless hours for clerks, staff and officers as there is little need to check a myriad of filing cabinets or other devices just to get complete details for a case.

The Phoenix Public Safety Software Suite is Based on Industry Leading Microsoft Technologies

ProPhoenix's products are based on Microsoft's .Net architecture and are combined with other cutting-edge technologies that provide a completely integrated solution. Our software runs on the Windows Server and Microsoft SQL Server family of products. As a result, our software is extremely affordable and will easily integrate into your existing IT infrastructure. Phoenix can be scaled to fit your agency's size and due to its intuitive design, will considerably shorten training and transition time, reducing your cost of ownership.

Our fully integrated system offers complete incident reporting using Adobe Acrobat Reader, names, arrests and warrants, traffic citation and accident reporting, municipal court management, alarm billing, property management, fleet and inventory management, UCR and NIBRS reporting, and much more. RMS statistical reporting is as easy as clicking on an Excel button found on most inquiry screens. Additionally, Crystal Reports is integrated to provide extensive and powerful reporting capabilities.

Police and Fire Dispatch (CAD) are innovatively designed to handle a large volume of calls and can be scaled to fit your agency's configuration, whether that is single juris, multi-juris, or co-jurisdictional. You may even share your server's power by hosting a neighboring agency. Phoenix's robust framework and the .Net architecture make it all possible and very easy to achieve. CAD is integrated with Microsoft MapPoint and provides full integration with our mobile software (Wireless Digital Assistant™).

Our mobile software allows your agency to take advantage of GPS, mapping, and AVL for a fraction of the ‘usual’ cost. WDA interfaces with the state's NCIC system and provides audible or silent dispatch, car-to-car-dispatch messaging, and also allows use of the complete records management system from your agency's mobile offices and squads.

We believe strongly that information sharing is the key to officer safety and increased efficiencies, and that the more information shared, the greater the return. The Phoenix Key Global Information System (KGIS) accomplishes this by providing state of the art information sharing capabilities amongst all Phoenix users nationwide.KGIS isbased on the US Department of Justice’s Global Justice Extensible Markup Language (GJXML). It is also the API point to external state, federal, military, private and other databases utilized for information sharing purposes.